Security Certificate

Welcome to Bigelow Aerospace's secure data transfer system for authorized users. This data transfer system is Bigelow Aerospace's property and any unauthorized use or access is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized users may be subject to civil suit or criminal prosecution. By granting you access, you consent to Bigelow Aerospace obtaining, accessing or using any data, information and communications on the system. You are on notice and hereby expressly acknowledge that your utilization is not privileged or private and that your usage of the system may be monitored, recorded, retrieved, and disclosed to others. You also agree to follow proper procedures to protect sensitive, confidential, proprietary, and export-controlled data and information including, if applicable, visibly, clearly and conspicuously marking the data as the disclosing party's "Proprietary Information".

Your password is provided for your exclusive use and should be protected from disclosure or use by others. Passwords will expire at 5:00p.m. PST daily.